So, when playing Minecraft, it’s prevalent that players don’t get enough gaming experience with the vanilla Version. That’s the whole point on why mods were created in the first place and why they became a must.

But we also know that installing mods 1.18/1.17.1 requires a lot of resources. We also know that if you’re not a developer, but only are installing client-side mods; you don’t need a heavy downloader. That’s why Liteloader was created, and it’s been recognised even by mod creators.

What is Liteloader and what are its features?

Liteloader is, just like FML, a mod installer for Minecraft. The essential feature on this one is that it’s lighter than any other. It was created for downloading mods that don’t need to change the game’s mechanics.

Let’s see some features:

  • Friendly API and interface, easy-to-use for clients.
  • Injection system that allows super-efficient event management.
  • Compatible with Forge 1.18/1.17.1 and FML.
  • Avoids crashes by only allowing valid mods when installing.
  • If your launcher supports Mojang Tweak System, Liteloader is compatible (only Liteloader and FML are currently able to do this).
  • Extensible API admits building on top with more complex APIs
  • The in-game user interface allows all configurations while playing.

How to install Liteloader

The best part about Liteloader is that you can install it both as extend from FML or Forge, and you can also install it as a mod. Let’s see both methods.

Installing Liteloader with FML/Forge

  • Download Liteloader.
  • Make sure that you are NOT running the Minecraft launcher 1.18/1.17.1 by the moment. If you’re, close it.
  • Run the installer, and you will see a couple of selection boxes.
  • In the first one “extend from” you should select the Forge version you want to install.
  • In the second one, you should see your .minecraft folder.
  • If you don’t see it, press “…” and find the folder.
  • Then click “Ok”, and the installation will be in process.

Installing Liteloader as a mod

If you use another ModSystem that recognises the TweakClass metadata entry, you can install Liteloader as a mod:

  • Download liteloader.
  • As well as the previous method, Minecraft Launcher must be closed.
  • Run the installer, and you’ll see the same screen.
  • Select “extract liteloader jar.”
  • Click “…” and go to your mods folder (versioned).
  • Click “Ok”, and the extraction will be done.
  • Now you’ll be able to run the liteloader with the other Mod system.

NOTE: by the moment, only FML and Liteloader support the TweakClass metadata entry, but it’s known that other Modsystems are working to be able to support it. So it’s important to remember that Liteloader will be compatible.

How to Install Mods with Liteloader

Once you’ve installed it, the process for installing any other Mod with Liteloader is the same as Forge. Download the corresponding version mod and drop the .jar files on your Mods folder.

installiing minecraft mods 1.18/1.17.1

If you want to use other tweaks such as Optifine 1.18/1.17.1, you need to download them and paste them into .minecraft/mods/<version/.

The version should be the Minecraft version you’re running. Once done, it will install and apply Optifine or other mods smoothly.