OreSpawn Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5/1.15.2 is one of the minecraft’s best mod, with its functions you can have a great gameplay experience, but sometimes we want more, we want to increase how difficult the game is to make it amazing. This is where new Mod are created to help you out in this, as is OreSpawn Mod which offers a lot of new features, monsters, blocks and much more.

features and improvements

What OreSpawn Mod offers?

With this new mod, there are countless new mobs that you can enjoy. In order to create a more powerful avatar, as is the prince, this can grow and become powerful. One of the curious facts of this mod, is that today is one of the largest mod that has existed in the history of this incredible game.

As you will have new powers, you will also enjoy new villains, and with this mod you will have 4 available dimensions, which have a large number of bosses that only you can defeat.

If we talk about weapons and armor, this mod has an endless number of them, and unique items that you will want to find.

In this mod we can find.

  1. Huge swords
  2. Zoo cages
  3. Krakens
  4. Mobzilla
  5. Brides
  6. New dimensions
  7. New plants
  8. New and powerful real dragons
  9. Tons of dungeons
  10. Tons of new minerals

This mod has been called “One of the best mods of all time”, because each of the details has been taken care of; do not wait any longer to install it.

This mod has been so popular, since it achieved several things among them are:

Kept the originality of the game, since each of the aspects of the game are maintained, no real distortion was created, only that there are new dimensions, which will be full of new enemies, between the dimensions are:

  1. Dimension Utopia: known as the world of the brown ant.
  2. Mining dimension: known as the world of red ants.
  3. Villa dimension: known as the world of rainbow ants.
  4. Dangerous dimension: known as the unstable world of ants.
  5. Crystal Dimension: known as the world of termites.
  6. Dimension of chaos: known as the world of butterflies.

The increase of the enemies was significant, since with this mod it is possible to obtain 4 new bosses, which will be nothing easy to defeat.

What can we do in this mod?

  1. Survive a night in the dimension of the village. Can you save the town?
  2. Get a girlfriend and give her an Ultimate Sword.
  3. Defeat some of the most important monsters: water dragon, basilisk, scorpion emperor, younger brother of Alien, warrior of Theft, Kyuubi.
  4. Face an emperor scorpion with a sword.
  5. Ride a dragon and kill MOTHRA
  6. Ride a Cephadrome and kill a Kraken
  7. Travel in a Cephadrome at night, really slow, very low.
  8. Overcome fear of bees and go kill one
  9. Kill a robber insect with a sword
  10. Make a Kraken repellent and become an attack squid
  11. Make some vines repellents and protect your property.
  12. Fight against Mobzilla. Or just look at it while destroying the whole dimension of the village.
  13. Play Whack-A-Mole with the worms
  14. Accept Vortex and try not to throw yourself into heaven
  15. Fight your way through the Challenge Dungeon and all the others

How to install OreSpawn Mod?

get to work

  1. Download Minecraft Forge 1.17.1/1.16.5 (specific version for this mod).
  2. Download OreSpawn Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5
  3. Double click on the file downloaded from Forge to run the installer.
  4. Paste the downloaded file of the mod into .minecraft / mods
  5. We have it installed and working!

Important detail of OreSpawn Mod

This mod has a knowledge conflict with the mods Butterfly, XtraBlocks, HarvestCraft, Walking Dead, DiscoCraft, Twilight Forest, BiblioCraft, MusicCraft, Dragon Mounts and ExtraBiomes, do not install together unless you know how to solve ID conflicts.

Download OreSpawn 1.17.1/1.16.5

For Minecraft 1.16 1.15 ✔ 1.14.x ✔ 1.13.2 ✔ 1.12.2 ✔ 1.11.2 ✔ 1.9.4 ✔ 1.8.9 ✔ 1.7.10

Download OreSpawn 1.17.1/1.16.5