Too Much TNT Mod 1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 is the perfect mod if you love bombs. If you want to blow stuff up, you will have a lot of explosives in order to have a lot of fun. When using the explosives you should be careful with them.

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What is Minecraft Too Much TNT Mod?

It is a Minecraft’s Mod that adds tons of explosives in order to have fun by blowing up some things. The TNTs are those explosives, and this mod adds different types of it with new and awesome effects.

Types of explosives in the Too Much TNT Mod 1.16

There are a lot of explosives in this mod that has very interesting effects. Some of the bombs you can find here are:

Too much TNT

This is a folder where you can find:

  • Mankinds Mark: this TNT is very crazy. If you blow it up it actually makes a house. You can live in it if you want to. It comes with a lot of empty chests that you can fill with whatever you want.
  • Fireworks: this TNT makes a huge damage because it will spread all around the place a lot of bombs that will destroy everything.
  • SphereTNT: it will create a beautiful disaster.
  • ArrowTNC: it will spread out a lot of arrows that will destroy everything around.
  • Easter egg: this is really cool.
  • Brickhouse TNT: it will also create a house but smaller than the mankinds mark.

The TNT Gods

These are the most powerful TNT. Between them you can find:

  • Mountain top removal: this will just make the place flat. If you have trees or something you can say goodbye to them because you are not going to see them again.
  • Hell’s gate: this TNT changes the time and makes weird noises. It is a little scary because if you are in daytime everything is going to get dark just as it does during the night.
  • Dust bowl: this one makes everything dead. It also does the dead bush. If you have a green area, everything is going to die, even the trees.
  • Pompeii: it is a very crazy one that will spawn the flames everywhere.
  • Heaven’s gate: it will not just blow everything up, it will also create an object like a sky over the place where it exploded.
  • The revolution: it will explode everything in a more creative way.
  • ●       Flint and steel: this one is going to make a wave, and after that, it will fill the space with water. So, you can build a lake with it. It will also generate rain, which can be turned down.


This is another type of explosive that this mod brings you. There are different types of dynamite, from the little explosions like 100 to 500 that are the biggest ones. You can just throw the dynamites in the ground and it will explode. The small explosions are those ones that occupy little space, but there are insane dynamites like the meteor dynamite that will come down from the sky and make a huge explosion.

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How to install the Too Much TNT Mod

  • Download the Mod’s link and open it.
  • You have to also have the Forge mod installed. If not, install it and then, continue.
  • Copy the Mod’s file.
  • Look for the “Mod” folder in the “Minecraft” folder and place the Mod’s file there.
  • Play the game .

You should have installed the mods. Check out that you have it there by going to the “Mods list” and searching for the Too much TNT Mod. If you see it, you can start enjoying the mod.

Download Too Much TNT Mod 1.18/1.17.1

For Minecraft 1.16 1.15 1.14.x ✔ 1.13.2 ✔ 1.12.2 ✔ 1.11.2 ✔ 1.9.4 ✔ 1.8.9 ✔ 1.7.10

Download Too Much TNT Mod 1.18/1.17.1