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Fabric Modloader: The New Mod Loader For Minecraft Mods 1.18/1.17.1


    It is known that Minecraft is a game that can be modified. To be able to change the game, we need a tool that makes possible to insert all the modifications, that’s the reason why the ModLoaders exist. The modifications expand our possibilities in the game and take us to a new level.


    With the newest version of Minecraft (1.16.2), we can’t use the old ModLoaders to add mods. So there’s an entirely new tool called Fabric ModLoader that allows installing mods to Minecraft 1.18/1.17.1.

    What is precisely the Fabric ModLoader?

    The Fabric ModLoader is a new minecraft tool that adds a user-friendly and secure way to install modifications into the game without changing anything in the game installation. It was announced in December 2018 and worked for Minecraft 1.15 and higher versions.

    Fabric ModLoader is part of a big project called Fabric, which provides tools to the community to create maps and mods. It also has a collection of maps and a core library for all the mods created to this new project.

    Fabric installation

    Using Fabric as a central library, you don’t even need to use Forge Mod Loader. This allows players to use mods in the 1.14 version yet if forge ModLoader is only developed for the old Minecraft version (1.13.2). Core mod is currently a trend due to its ability to reduce resource loss and also to support many mods at once. It allows simplifying the “last minute fix” and updates for mods.

    Advantages of the Fabric

    As we mentioned above, the main benefit of this tool it’s that it allows you to use mods in the new version of Minecraft. It also is simple and has minimal dependencies on the game engine.

    Also, the big project from which this tool comes helps to the more natural development of new mods. As it is a recent project, the number of updates will overgrow and keep the level of the game’s versions. An essential fact is there is a community that is willing to listen to your opinions.

    Despite its short time of life, there are plenty of mods designed for the Fabric ModLoader. Till now, we can find at least 250 available mods that help us to alter the game and make it more interesting.

    About the installation of Fabric

    As we can see, Fabric is unique, and its features are too. So, the developer of Fabric provided Fabric Installer and MultiMC Instance, which are tools that are part of the installation, but they’re not all the process.


    Once you have installed those programs, you have to install Fabric API which is the library that connects all mods. Then you are able to add all the mods you want!

    It’s essential the fact that Fabric ModLoader and Fabric API need each other to be installed, this is the only way you can experience the mods on Minecraft 1.15. See our tutorial on how to install mods with Fabric Modloader for more information.

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